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Fostering During Lockdown

We understand that many people may feel they can’t apply to foster during lockdown – quite the opposite - for us in the fostering team it is Business As Usual with the normal processes still in place.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t had to make adjustments, and to help our prospective carers we are offering over 800 online courses that carers can access to help them gain the necessary skills they will need going forward.  We also offer specialist virtual training courses with fully qualified specialists.

Once that process is complete, it doesn’t stop there with monthly catch ups with our local fostering team.

We have also thought about the wellbeing and pastoral side too with a virtual running club that carers can take part in.  We also have the ‘Funky Monkey’s’ group for birth and adopted children of carers to join, engaging them with fun games and activities, along with age appropriate training around foster care.  We also offer other benefits like our free beach hut for example, free membership of FosterTalk and you can also apply for the BH Leisure card which allows you to access online discounts via BH Live.

If you would like to find out more call us on 0800 009 3084 or complete our online form.